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To discuss whether Life Transitions is right for you or a family member, call us today at 828-464-9459. We will explain our services and schedule a consultation to assess your needs and answer your questions. If we determine together that Life Transitions is the right fit, our intake team will discuss next steps, including obtaining medical records from other providers so we can have a comprehensive view of your situation.

Creating a customized care plan

After the Life Transitions team has reviewed your medical condition and consulted with your primary care physician, we will meet to talk about the customized care-plan and services you need. At this meeting, your customized care plan will be developed to support your values and goals, with your input and wishes guiding the discussion.

Going forward

As the Life Transitions team provides care over time, you will receive regular evaluations of your condition, along with tips and feedback on improving and maintaining your health. Regular visits from our health care professionals ensure that you are provided the assistance and services most relevant to your diagnosis guidance through complex decisions, and provided the extra layer of coverage needed for peace of mind.



Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies help cover the costs of care. For more details about your particular situation, call us at 848-464-9459.


Make a Referral

Anyone can call 828-464-9459 to make a referral to Life Transitions, or you may complete the referral form below.